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Proudly Operated by Hostgee Cloud Hosting Inc.

Operating Company

HOSTGEE exclusively provides hosting products and services. - A rapidly growing hosting business located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Unlike larger corporations, our company is privately owned and offers the advantage of excellent service that is convenient, flexible and genuinely tailored to the needs of each client. HOSTGEE Successful operation is based on continuous research and development of better practices and solutions to various challenges our clients may face. We have developed many proprietary techniques in the field of DDoS protection, IT security and data protection that make our network a virtually unbreachable data vault.

Our Mission

Only the best products of Saudi Arabia deserve the privilege to be awarded the Saudi Made Label. We make great efforts in running the business through our customer's eyes, understand their expectations and requirements and develop products and services that would meet or exceed the highest industry standards. Hostgee are proud to be a part of the Saudi community and offer to businesses all around the world by developing secure and cost-effective hosting platforms and services. We want to change the way enterprises speak, listen and share online.

Core Values

Despite our global success, you will benefit from the local, Saudi Arabian perspective that we bring to every customer relationship. More than 94% of our customers, a majority of whom are based in Saudi Arabia, rate themselves “very satisfied” with our services. Part of the reason is that we offer friendly, fast, knowledgeable technical support and customer service based right here in Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to connect you with help from experts who understand your particular hosting solution, your business, and how we can better serve you with every interaction.


Company Address
  • 6589 3rd Ring Rd, King Fahd
  • Mecca, 24341
  • Saudi Arabia
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