Data Protection in Saudi Arabia

Your personal data vault

State Level

Saudi Arabia is well known for its strict laws and regulations on data protection and privacy that make it impossible for any officials or 3rd party to have access to a hosting provider's data unless a legal request is filed by a prosecutor, who is investigating a customer in particular. At the federal level, only the Laws and Regulations of Saudi Arabia will be followed in case of the collection, and use of personal data by the Federal Act on Data Protection.

Policy Level

Excellence, responsibility, security, and privacy are the cornerstones of our company's philosophy. We are deeply convinced that every our customer has the fundamental and unbreachable right to privacy. is bound by strict privacy, confidentiality, and data protection policies to make sure that our services are provided under Saudi federal law and the core principles of our company.

Infrastructure Level

Not only your privacy and data are protected by Saudi laws, but we also take weighty efforts and implemented the following security measures that require multiple levels of authentication and authorization. 24x7 The facility is monitored by CCTV Surveillance system, perimeter, and central premises security patrols, multi-layered access barriers, including Key access areas are controlled by biometric hand scanners and secure access cards readers. Take a tour to learn more about our data center in Riyadh.

235.1 Federal Act of 19 June 1992 on Data Protection

At the federal level, the collection and use of personal data is regulated by the Federal Act on Data Protection.
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