Technology & Infrastructure

best practices of hosting industry

Industry-leading technology we utilize to provide the best hosting experience possible

Our company's successful operation is based on continuous research and development of better practices and solutions to various challenges our clients may face. Not only we utilize best practices of the industry that proved to be extremely efficient, but also develops proprietary techniques in the field of DDoS protection, IT security and data protection. All together these infrastructural, software and hardware solutions guarantee our customers the highest availability rate of our bare metal and virtual servers, make our network a virtually unbreachable data vault and contribute to a very high customer satisfaction rate.

Redundant Power Supply

An uninterrupted power supply is a key to record-setting availability. The redundant power supply is essential for servers to minimize the chance of a complete shutdown or failure of each rack, industrial-grade UPS with auto switchover and diesel generators ready for indefinite running in case of a severe blackout.

Premium Networking & Connectivity

We have put a lot of effort into building a no single point of failure network architecture: redundant hardware with automatic failover protection, multiple Tier-1 bandwidth providers, direct connection to STC - Saudi Telecom Company, professional DDoS protection, automatic network health monitoring, and 24/7/365 intelligent hands-on site.

Seven-layer Physical Security

Physical security is as necessary as IT security when it comes to choosing the right data center to collocate your mission-critical hardware. 24x7 The facility is monitored by CCTV Surveillance system, perimeter, and central premises security patrols, multi-layered access barriers, unauthorized access to servers and networking hardware absolutely impossible.

DDoS Protection

The DDoS attack can disrupt the operation of almost any web property, denial of service attacks are a real threat to any business online, they are growing in scale and complexity, they have become ridiculously simple to perform and are cheap. With Hostgee, your infrastructures are protected by default.

Private Networking

If you have multiple servers from our company, you can easily connect them to an isolated private network with no public access from the internet. Your servers can communicate privately and securely between each other (within a dedicated VLAN).

All Flash SSD Storage by SolidFire®


SSDs are used exclusively throughout the system – there are no spinning disks. Within each storage node, solid-state drives and processing power are balanced to take advantage of drive speeds and execute SolidFire’s inline efficiency technology. In comparison to traditional storage design, SolidFire eliminates write amplification while maximizing random parallel reads and aggregating writes in a linear fashion.

Hyper-V Bare-metal

When it comes to choosing the right virtualization platform, industry-leading, purpose-built bare-metal Hyper-V is considered the most sophisticated and reliable product on the market. Virtual environment based on Hyper-V is simply the closest you can get to a truly dedicated server experience.

Direct Connection to STC

Our data center in Riyadh has a direct connection to STC Saudi Telecom Company, which is the largest Saudi Telecom Company (STC) in Saudi Arabia in terms of peering participants. Direct STC connection lowers latency by improving routing efficiency and provides an extra layer of networking fault-tolerance.

Minimum Carbon Footprint

Hostgee is proud to make significant positive participation in a climate-neutral environment. By operating as a green IT company, we encourage our clients to maintain a low carbon footprint, which benefits both their business and the environment.

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